Poetry/Short Stories

Grandma’s words..

Grandma told me to live..

Grandma told me to love..

Grandma told me to listen..

Grandma told me to learn..

Grandma told me to forgive…

She said..”child, keep breathing”

She said..”child, keep laughing”

She said..”child, learn to rest”

She said..”child, don’t chase the wind”

She said..”child, life is a gift given once. Live it!”

She said..”never fail to try”

She said ..”it’s okay to fail”

She said..” child, don’t hold back…cry if you need to!”

Grandma told me to have faith..

Grandma told me to keep hoping..

Grandma told me to believe..

Grandma told me I wasn’t worthless..

She said..”child, you are precious”

Grandma’s words; my grandma!

By Susan McMillan

22 thoughts on “Grandma’s words..

  1. Grandma is a wise person and caring, I liked the part of, never fail to try and is o.k to fail. Very true, if you don’t fail it means you are not taking any chances wich that is even worst.

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