Poetry/Short Stories

On her knees..

On her knees she is groomed to stay..

On her knees; her only measure of obedience is found..

On her knees, she must serve them..

On her knees; her place during supper..

On her knees, she must greet them..

On her knees, she is expected to beg for oil..

On her knees, she begs for his mercy..

On her knees, she prays for her land to heal..

On her knees, she bears one child after another..

On her knees, she prays for her dying child..

On her knees, she prays to not be on her knees anymore!

By Susan McMillan

For that woman!

16 thoughts on “On her knees..

  1. Beautiful poem..
    You know, women have been quite vulnerable in my country of birth as well- India. From female feticide/infanticide to domestic violence over dowry to education, we have come a long way. But it is still not there is so much change that needs to happening.
    And women all over seem to be struggling with their own peculiar circumstances, I feel.

    1. Dowry is one other big issue that needs to be addressed. I have written about that in a poem that is yet to come. Even though the original intentions of it by forefathers was a symbol of appreciation, it’s become a way of “buying” a woman as a commodity. Thank you for stopping by my friend.

  2. It’s such a lovely poem – There are so many women who suffer no reason other than cultural difference. I pray for those women and be humble for my “general” freedom. You have a nice family. I love to hear your family stories. Thank you for your follow, and you have my follow also! *¨*•♥•*¨*

  3. I was touched by your poem, the struggle is everywhere sister .It takes courage to stand up from our knees. I pray that God will uplift today’s woman.

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I am really impressed by the first post I read. You did a wonderful job on this. It really made me think.

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