Poetry/Short Stories

Her heart:Her tradition

Father says we Marry for tradition..

Grandma says she married for tradition..

Auntie says she married for tradition..

Grandpa says we must marry for tradition..

Suzanna has to marry..

Her heart is with him..

Her hand in marriage is given to another for tradition..

Her heart is bleeding!

Her tradition she must follow..

Her heart cries out;she begs for help..

Her tradition still wins..

Heart vs tradition

Her cry….

By Susan McMillan

9 thoughts on “Her heart:Her tradition

    1. They say they do grow to love each other when asked. I personally believe in marrying for love not tradition.I married for love and I pray my daughter will God willing.

  1. I too married for love. Yet I know of some very happy and lasting marriages that started through tradition. I guess for some it works.

  2. Enjoy reading poetry always. I married the love of my life when I was but 17, and this year will be 54 years. He also became my best friend as we grew our marriage. I guess there would be pros and cons to tradition marriage. I can imagine some arrangements being very comfortable, but if the heart is elsewhere, that would be sad.

    Thanks for following my blog so that I could come meet you. You followed at my Peabea’s Patch WordPress photography blog, but lately, I can be found more over at my Peabea Scribbles blog on Blogger posting more there.

    Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank-you Pheabe for stopping by. 54 years with your best friend is beautiful. I pray to live that long holding my groom’s hand year after year. In arranged marriages, the heart being somewhere else is what I find sad. I look forward to following your blog and beautiful work. I can not knit or crochet to save my life; I wish I could though. I most definitely admire those that can💞. Stay blessed Pheabe.

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