Poetry/Short Stories

Over that hill!

The mud house over that hill raised us..

We cried and laughed ..

We dreamed there..

We played and fought..

We walked and ran..

We hoped each day..

We held on and let go at times..

We lived even when we lost..

We bloomed in our own way..

We went places and came back again;for no place was like the house over that hill….

Our house..

Our home.

By Susan McMillan

13 thoughts on “Over that hill!

    1. Thank you so much Robin. I am deeply humbled by your thoughts. I enjoy being able to paint a picture of my roots through words to share with the world. Thank you again💕

  1. Home is truly the place that shapes us. I have wonderful memories and incredible love for my grandmother’s house where I spent most of my time growing up. Lovely poem that really connects well with readers.

    1. Thank you very much. I am deeply humbled that you enjoyed this poem. It’s a small piece of my childhood that I have enjoyed telling to the world.Thank you again and again Garvin💕

  2. Dear Susan

    I hope you and your kin are well. Thank you so much for finding and following Satyr Tales, it means such a lot to me.

    I love your words, heart felt and honest. Although I feel I have only really just skimmed the surface. I think I have quite a bit to catch up with! Looking forward to being inspired by you, your words and indeed your cooking!

    All the best. Peace.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words my dearest friend. I absolutely love your sense of humor in the “About the tales” part of your blog. I enjoy stories; once told by my grandma under the moonlight. I am ready for the ride into your world of tales. Thank you again💞

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