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Why I like my ring

This is a bit mushy for my beloved husband to write but hey….I will take it. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

RIL Man Stuff!

So I must say that I am a big fan of my ring. It is totally flashy. Not in a two carrots in each ear kind of way but more in a super manly tungsten carbide machine tool kind of way. You know, only cut by diamondz kinda swag. This is my second ring as I was a much heftier fellow 9 years ago but I have kept with the same style and material. Did I mention the thing is cheap to? $90 for the first one and $50 on sale for the last!!!! The fact that such a steal of steel is total goodness to me really highlights is flashiness both in looks and frugality.
So with the apparent reasons out of the way, let’s get to the not so apparent reasons.

As we know from our wedding vows, the ring is a symbol of those things. My ring…

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2 thoughts on “Why I like my ring

  1. Lol. It was sweet. That was as pink as he could get. He never does that kind of writing at all. I was starting to think the end of time was about to happen 😂😂😂. If I can now get him to write me a hand written letter for our wedding anniversary, then I will be on cloud 9. 💕💕

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