Poetry/Short Stories

Scarred but not destroyed!

You, you stole my childhood innocence but know that you did not destroy me!

You, you bruised my heart but not into hatred so I am not destroyed

You, you had my heart hanging on for dear life, you scarred it but I am not destroyed

You, your hatred poisoned me back then but I still grew to embrace being loved

You, your words were like sharp needles to my heart but did not rip it out

You, your iron hands bruised my wrist and face but I tell you now that I am not destroyed

You, you made my world feel so small back then but I now realize it is actually so much bigger

You, you made my days so dark and I thought that was all I would ever experience; you lied….I see the sun every single day now

You, you made me cry my heart out as though I was never meant to laugh…today, my days are filled with laughter

You, you said I was worthless back then…But I now know you could never steal my worth in Christ

You, you said I was an ugly creature, I now know you lied for I am beautifully made in God’s image.

You, you, you…You wanted to steal joy, my smile, my soul.

You may have scarred me but did not destroy me.

You, you, you, I forgive you!

By Susan McMillan

For all survivors of childhood abuse.

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