Poetry/Short Stories

Maria..The African Queen!

From a distance, all you see is the big Afro she has going…

It is a statement, and it is beautiful!

Wait,….. Maria then turns around only to give us a smile of a life time!!

My little one can’t hold her grin and of course the words…

“Mama, wow….Is she a queen? Or perhaps a princess?” Those words my little one utters!

“Mama, even her dress matches that of a real queen!…..The beautiful colors…wow”

“Yes my little one, she is a queen; an African Queen”

Yes, her smile reveals teeth that are white as snow…..

Her melanin is perfect…..dark and silky…the perfect chocolate tone!

Graced with dimples; one on each cheek…..

I know for sure God must have taken extra time creating Maria…..

I have seen beautiful; in fact at one point been called an African Queen. But that Maria takes the crown this time!!

The African Queen was right there standing before us.

Or us before her?…….

Maria is a beauty; A beautiful African Queen!!!

By Susan McMillan

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