Loving My Groom – Ways to love and support my husband through busy work days.


I would say the hardest moments in our marriage have been those days when my beloved husband had to put in more hours at work. Be it at the office or at his home desk right here at home. During those times, I felt exhausted and somewhat left out.

My husband is my best friend and I tend to want his undivided attention after his official work hours. Needless to say, I know there are times when his plate is just full and he has just got to work extra. And that is okay by me, something I am slowly getting to learn as his wife.

As years go by, I continue to seek ways to love and support him rather than beat him up or cry for attention so he can best do what he needs to do. And I have done these things to help.

  • Pray. Simple as that; pray for him. Pray for continual wisdom as he does his job to provide for our family and also praying for my personal patience through those seasons.
  • Patience. I have quickly learned that there’s nothing that beats up a husband more than a nagging and impatient wife after long hours of work. So creating an extra dose of patience is a good one.
  • Creating a home of rest not a court room. I have always heard of this in passing from older women but never thought much about it. But, as a wife I have quickly realized that our homes can be turned into court houses every time the husband gets home from a long day of work. We literally want or demand an explanation of every detail about their work day. Humanly speaking, I think that can drain anyone.
  • Help them stay tidy. In my personal opinion (anyone can disagree with me), I think it’s a wife’s job out of love for her husband, to keep them organized. This can range from their work wardrobe, meals, to work schedule if they need that help. I know men are the heads of the family, but they still need our care/input in their daily being.
  • Take on the frugal game. Honestly, I believe it’s more draining when a painful input of work is all put to waste in terms of debt or perhaps acquisition of more stuff. I know for sure we women are very good at this. Let y’alls sweat have something to show at the end of the day. And as mamas, we are capable of taking on budgeting, control of family spending as the husband does the hustle. This input is a very practical way of loving and supporting your groom.

This is how I personally choose to love my husband during those days. And I know each mama or wife may have a different opinion or thoughts on how to go about this topic and that is okay too. All in all, I continue to daily seek to honor God in where he has placed me in this season of my life; as a wife and mother 💞.

Remember, a husband and wife are a unit that ought to work together continuously for the good of the family.

“Loving and serving my groom is not an indication of weakness, in fact it affirms that we are a unit ordained by God doing and being what He intended me to be as A WIFE”.


14 thoughts on “Loving My Groom – Ways to love and support my husband through busy work days.

    1. Thank you Nancy my dear 🙏. Prayer is absolutely important in our homes. A way to replenish as wives, mothers, husband and wife in our marriages but also as we raise our children. Hugs💝

  1. This is exactly Right! Love how you put this together.
    I wondered if I could invite you to an Event I’m planning to share Marriage Resources to a bigger Readership and Connect with other Bloggers in the Christian Marriage Niche?

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