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Mama’s happy hour


Oh yeah…..Mama’s happy hour is that moment when you finally catch a breath after a marathon run around the house ninjaering through all your chaos. Shhh…Silence. Weird right? At least it is for me since I have my babies talking my ears off as soon as they are up for the day. I love it, I know one day I will miss this ear buzz kinda business but for now allow me to say I love it when that moment of silence is presented to me. It’s like seating on a cloud; it’s magical. And yes it gives me the “Barney Fife” kinda smile. This level of relaxation is more of a back massage for me. Really…..That is a fact indeed.

Perhaps you finally have the babies fed, in my case school done for the day and down for their nap.

Usually I have my quiet time with the kids literally in my face. All sandwiched in….. myself the “peanut butter and jelly “combo and as for my babies… Perhaps two slices of super whole wheat bread. Praying and reading my scripture before wondering off into our day. I love the moment with them munchkins in my bed but my quiet time ends up not so much what I would call “quiet time”. My babies are usually telling me about some sort of dreams they had, hugging me and kissing me with that morning breath that I am still getting used to after almost 8 years of being a mama. Anyhow, when I run off to go to my Thursday Bible study, it is nice. Me and my precious Bible. Paper and my hands flipping, surrounded by adults…..Oh it’s beautiful. Love my babies but that is happy hour.

Then you realize…..Oh I am actually in the bathroom without an extra set of eyes spying. Yes….this is my life story. Bathroom company at all times.

Take a shower with no scary eyes poking their little heads to make sure mommy isn’t actually just hiding. Yes that marvelous moment.

A snack without the little munchkins all over it! Yes! That is happy hour right there. Usually I am not big at snacking but when I do, I like cutting some fruit, grab myself a folk and then enjoy. Well, with two spies always ready to munch the “enjoy it” part rarely happens for me. They happily consume my entire snack right in my face. Oh yea…..I guess that is called “mama giving up all”. A theory that my beloved husband refuses to give into. He will happily consume his snack with these two spies watching every bite. I think that is probably a guy thing😂.

Imagine this too. I get to stretch my legs and read a book; and it is not a Dr. Seuss. Yes it is my book. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading books to my babies but in my case I think my little almost 6 year old is playing me. She would rather mommy reads over doing it herself. “Why bother to read when you have an automated machine called mommy that can do it over and over for you?” And you get free holding time in the process.

Bed time for babies; If you are a parent, I know you have done the “happy dance” at one point or another on that day when it’s just been a long one. And all you want is to relax those muscles.

Once again, motherhood is beautiful and I would never trade it for anything else in this world. But there comes a moment when mama needs to rejuvenate so she can best take care of the family.

“I will love me, so I can best love them”.

4 thoughts on “Mama’s happy hour

  1. yes! Story of my life right now. And I find that I am a lot more pleasant to be around when I take time to rejuvenate. Over Christmas this past year we went up to my parents place (out in the middle of nowhere), There was snow everywhere and while the kids were napping I hiked a ways away from the house and I stopped and heard NOTHING. no cars, no kids, no wind…nothing. I can honestly say, I have not experienced that kind of quiet in YEARS. It beautiful and so refreshing. I could hear my thoughts and really pray without distraction. Now that you’ve got me dreaming about silence let me get back to my not-so-quiet kiddos. lol. Hope you have a good weekend, sis. ❤

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