Poetry/Short Stories

My beads;A tradition.


These waist beads I have had on since I was a little girl…

They are a symbol of something….

My heritage…

My roots…

A tradition that I must carry on…

I have treasured my colorful waist beads from as far as I can remember

My pride for “a tradition” is worn in these beads

Grandma’s words are wrapped up in these beads

Auntie’s sacred advice on marriage in held in these beads

Each bead as it seats against my skin has a touch from my grandma

Perhaps carrying grandma’s prayers and wishes to be a woman of honor like herself

In these beads perhaps auntie’s prayers and hopes to hold my own children I carry

These beads of mine are not just beads!

They are a symbol of pride!!

A tradition that lives on….

A tradition to be passed on…..

For these beads are sacred

They are only to be seen and touched by the one…

So did grandma say!

By Susan McMillan

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