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My Favorite Things -Romantic movies


When it comes to love, I consider myself as cheesy as it gets. I am a lover to a T. And to top it all off, I love reading romance novels as well as watching romantic movies much to my hubby’s displeasure because he is a manly guy and has no taste for romantic cheese. But  for the love of his wife, he agrees to watch one with me once every blue moon. He says they are too girly when tissue paper is a requirement.

As Valentines day fast approaches, I tend to wear my cheesy love game, grab myself tissue and take over the couch for some good love stories that obviously my beloved is stuck watching with me in the name of love after the kids go to bed. Ohhh love, sweet love……..

  1. Father of the bride; this has to be my very favorite. I have watched this movie since I was about 10 and yes I still watch it. I actually know I will be watching it at least twice in the next two weeks. I don’t know if it makes you cry, but I sure do and not to mention, I always end up feeling like I need to talk to my “daddy”. Yea it brings out the “little daddy’s girl” somewhere in me.
  2. Titanic; I hate how long this movie is but we all can’t deny that it’s one of the greatest love stories ever told. My husband has still never seen this because he wanted to make a point????
  3. The paradise; It’s a very tangled love story to say the least. You love to hate the main characters for their burning love for one another even when they shouldn’t given their situations….
  4. Dear John; This long distance love show cased with written letters (my kind of thing). If only I could get a hand written letter from my beloved instead of text messages… LOL. I think a hand written letter is one of the most romantic gestures ever!! hint hint
  5. My best friend’s wedding; Julia Roberts is just a charmer!….love this movie since high school
  6. Sleepless in Seattle; Old time favorite as well.
  7. The vow; Sad story but beautiful to watch a story of a strong bond of True love. Definitely may need a box of tissue.
  8. Up; family movie that includes the little ones, but if you pay attention it is the best love story ever told from start to finish.

I hope you enjoy these movies as much as i do!!!

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things -Romantic movies

    1. Ohhhh Jessica,…..I am starting to think you are my long lost twin sister (but I am sure am older)😉. I love that movie. We watched it thinking it was for our kids specifically but I ended up wrapped up in it and enjoying the story line. Made me cry too!!!💞💞

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