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Dear 16….

Dear 16 year old kid,

You notice I just called you a kid… right? That is because you are still young; a child trying to figure out how to be a grown up. You think you have to have everything figured out by now. Or perhaps you think you ought to have answers to a rain of questions that are about to start coming your way; like what college you hope to go to, what major you will be taking, where you would like to go to college and why??? And then by the way have you heard of this dermatologist that is so good at skin problems??? and more.

It is overwhelming and yes very frustrating at times and I get. But remember my dear, I have been there, in your shoes, perhaps you would be comforted to know that your parents, grandparents and great grandparents have all be in your shoes. So you are not alone and neither are you the first one to feel the way you may be feeling right now.

Perhaps sophomore year in high school. You my dear think you need to try so hard to prove yourself to fellow peers. You probably want to do something so stupid that may scar you for life. Please don’t!!!!!. Just slow down and remember that you have nothing to prove and honestly, the peers you are trying to impress may one day forget all about you (even when you might have to continue paying the consequences).

My dear, please keep your head high and daily knowing that your worth is in Christ not fellow kids that may be bullying you. This time will pass; it will get better.


At 16, your world may seem so small; perhaps revolving around that one high school crush that probably never notices you. Remember my dear, this is a time for you to grow, to work hard in school and to love yourself. At the right time, you will bloom and the right person will notice.

Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Find ways to enjoy these years (I would recommend journaling) because these years go by very fast. Just yesterday I was 16 and in high school, today I am waiting to turn 32, married and two kids in my arms. Enjoy the little things of your moment.

Remember my dear, you don’t need to have a girlfriend or boyfriend to be a “normal” 16 year old. You have a long way to go still……True love will find you. At that time, you will have a mature mind to nature it and enjoy it as well. Just not right now for you are still a kid.

Do not give away your precious first kiss to someone you just like. Save it for your true love that will honor its beauty some day when you are grown.

At 16, perhaps you will be persuaded to play the daring game of losing your virginity (I wish I had a better word to use but these are facts and the real truth). Do not do it. It can wait for that special someone after you make your vows before God.

You probably don’t know how to stand up or rather speak up to defend yourself. Your peers may be calling you names to try and put you down saying you don’t fit in. It’s okay, stay focused and honestly forgive them and remember you cannot control how people feel about you. This happens even in the adult world.

Yes at 16 you can make true friendships that may last a life time. But if you are not able to, just give it time and you will meet very good people along the way that will love you for you, will lift you up. I have met most of my very good friends as an adult, so hang in there my dear.

At 16, you are not too old to talk to your mama or daddy when something is weighing you down. I know for a fact your parents desire to continue to know your heart and they have lived the life you are struggling to understand at 16. What hurts you still does hurt them as well. You my dear are still their baby; so go ahead and talk to them, don’t try to solve issues all by yourself.

You know even adults cry right? We do or at least I still do. So at only 16, do not hold back if you need to cry out something. Go ahead and cry. Grandpa, grandma, mama or even daddy are some of the people you can cry with and believe me they will always have a box of Kleenex waiting.

All in in all, 16 is young!!. In fact very young. Don’t try to please your peers (a mistake most of us have made when we were your age). Stay focused knowing that whatever you do, do for the glory of God.

Much love

This big sister from another mama

8 thoughts on “Dear 16….

  1. This is a great letter to a 16 year old! I am a young mother to a 21 year beautiful daughter. I am a very happy mother because I created the rules under my roof when she was growing up. It was the exact same rules that my own father had under his roof. I remember when I was told off, I thought mama and papa did not allow me to get away with it, but today when I look back on the history of my life, Mama and papa are the two wonderful people god ever gave to me. Today I see a wonderful young lady before my eyes, graduated from university and I am a happy mum. She still lives under my roof, and my rules she still adhere to because she told me so, “mum I won’t go against your rule, you are the woman I will always respect and abide by your rules.” she adores her mum bigger than the world. I love your letter so much. You are a good mama. Keep up the good work!

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