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You know you are in Texas when……

“I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could”

We have lived in Texas for almost 9 years as a married couple. Hubby has been here longer. Both our babies were born here, so Texas is home! If you know how big Texas is (268,597 Sq Miles), you will quickly guess the fact that we have not seen all of Texas and that is a fact. But to generalize in our own experience of the small part of Texas we know very well, we would have a few things to say about our beautiful state. It is really hooooooot!!! During the summer months, but you come visit in July through August to prove it. There’s definitely no snow on Christmas day if you think you dream of a white Christmas……and yap, that is Texas for ya’. More so, we have quickly realized that it would take God’s miracle to move us out of the lone star. Y’all, we loooooove Texas!!!. But hey, anything is possible :-).


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So you definitely know you are in Texas when………….

  1. Temperatures change from 15degrees to 75degrees in the same week.
  2. You are addressed as y’all or all y’all.
  3. You see big belt buckles worn by both cowgirls and cowboys.
  4. The weather man’s daily predictions are only suggestions.
  5. You don’t see guns on people’s hips but you know they have got them anyway.
  6. Blue bonnets are the stars of the spring.
  7. You drive for 10 hours and can’t get out of the darn State.
  8. You have mountains, beaches, farmland in the same State.
  9. You smell good barbecue and it’s not pork.
  10. You can get tacos on just about every menu.
  11. A bunch of folks around you are in boots.
  12. Building a single snow man in the December is considered a miracle. It’s practically nice and sunny most of December!
  13. Tumbleweeds are your best bet for building a snow man!
  14. Shorts and boots seem like the thing during the piping hot summer months.
  15. When trucks are used for accessories and not just for work.
  16. Cow boy boots and hats are worn by folks that have never seen a cow or horse.
  17. Your wardrobe consists mostly of tee shirts and jeans (and some good button up shirts for Sunday).
  18. Guns/shooting is considered a real date night.
  19. George strait is a house hold name.
  20. When bluebell ice cream flavors are news worthy.

7 thoughts on “You know you are in Texas when……

  1. Thank you for the memories! We lived in Texas in the early 1990’s for a couple years. Our son was born in San Marcos. We loved our time there…and you nailed it with the ‘you know you’re in Texas when…’ And Bluebell ice cream is always newsworthy! It’s our favorite still…when we can find it!

  2. Northern Michigan here. We only get tumbleweeds in the summer time for a few weeks, but have snow 6-7 months out of the year. 🙂

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