Poetry/Short Stories

Angelina’s charm


I wouldn’t exactly have quite enough words to explain Angelina’s charm. She creates a fantasy worth having.

Only through her work of art can anyone understand her mind or words that are never spoken. Angelina draws everything out!

Even though she is not perfect, perhaps it’s an understatement to say her creation in crayons are. She draws every piece as detailed as she knows how, and through it you can read her exact thoughts.

Angelina knows no rules, in fact she has none. She creates her own and she can break them whenever or wherever.

“Why bother?” She will ask if you dare ask her to perfect her work. She believes every mistake in each piece is what makes it perfect.

“Go ahead” is always her answer if you wish to give a hand into her creation/her work of art. She lets things just be.

Being on time is an attribute that cannot exist with Angelina for she believes any time is just perfect; never too late not too early.

Angelina’s charm is none like any other; but Angelina is my little charm!

By Susan McMillan

For my baby girl

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