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Motherhood;the never ending adventure…..


Perhaps it’s appropriate to first talk about my Sunday experience with a friend’s one year old. Remember when I talked about the diaper bag mess? Well, today after a while I had “the experience” of a child thinking of my purse as a “grocery store” or a diaper bag mess. Seriously little Rosie was so intent on getting an apple for a snack from this grocery store or bag. I really don’t know what was going through her mind. In my mind I would like to assume Rosie was thinking…“hey Mary Poppins”, will you reach down into that grocery bag and get me an apple from the produce department?!!!.

Rosie was so serious that for a second I was starting to think I might be able to pull off the Mary Poppins stunt. You know, the part where I just dig in with faith and just pull out an apple for the little munchkin. To her disappointment, Rosie realized quickly that Miss Susan was not going to deliver according to her wishes; of course the disappointed came with a cross look for me. The kind of look that gets you to believe that babies are scary?…Lol.

On to the next experience. So my 6 year old girl loves bags or purses or call it anything she can dump a bunch of stuff. Like any “good” mother would do, I have given my baby girl a couple of my old purses or little bags here and there.

So we are at church, all seated and all, until my baby started unloading the beloved bag. I just have to name a few of the “things” she had, much to my surprise….Or not?

  • My fabric coasters (oh yeah, she said they were for her water bottle just In case she needed to set it down right?)
  • Random sticks (my little girl is a collector, she will collect anything that sparks her interest. She has a thing for sticks and leaves that I for one do not understand). But hey, to her those are souvenirs.
  • A baby doll.
  • Books to read to the baby doll.
  • Coloring pencils and crayons.
  • Broken pieces of paper (my little girl loves crafts; clueless as I might be, I am sure she has a craft in mind for every single piece). And i am very sure she does not take after me in this department.
  • My lip-gloss. Yes, every time my lip-gloss goes missing, I know my girl has a plan for it. Perhaps a much bigger plan. At this point, I have grown to believe that perhaps this is the way a mother/daughter relationships work in terms of sharing personal items. I personally love this and honestly look forward to a life time of this relationship.
  • Receipts (Put down a receipt at our house, baby girl gets it straight into her bag).

My baby girl is a very exciting character and that is something I love. She is full of life, energy and actions to match. My motherhood journey is full of exciting and or perhaps interesting experiences that are different every time. I continue to hope and pray that God will continue to give me the grace to enjoy this season of life as I experience growing children;both mine and the ones I constantly meet.

In the end, I have come to a conclusion that as I mother my babies, I will perhaps mother other babies in passing along the way. And that is a blessing I will happily enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Motherhood;the never ending adventure…..

  1. Yes. It is always humbling and beautiful to watch another mama love on our babies. I believe a mother’s love should not be limited only to our biological children. Children are children. They all need and desire to be loved.

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