Poetry/Short Stories

Graceful beauty…

Strings of gray cover her head

They sit so beautifully and are well placed

I decide to guess how long she has been around?

I admit I can’t;I can not quite place her

For she has got a youthful glow…

A youthful energy that fills the room

A simple smile, but yet contagious

A soft voice that delivers wisdom

The kind of a wisdom you and I need

A touch that leaves you yearning for a life time of friendship

She;She walks like she has never had any sorrow;so graceful

She;she laughs like nothing else matters;she brings sparks in every moment

She only speaks of the beauty in life

Beauty once traveled

I then wonder about her path?

But I let it be….

I see what I can see…


She is a beauty….

A graceful beauty!

By Susan McMillan

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