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6 changes pregnancy graced my body with.

I previously talked about things I wished away during pregnancy. Again, I would never trade that time of my life for anything else in the world. Despite the crazy things, it was a beautiful time for me. And as for pregnancy, the fact is so many changes take place during that period but I believe it’s a different experience for each mama. These changes I have have embraced as part of me;

  1. Cup size got bigger; I used to be okay with my 32A cup size until I realized the beauty of a 34B. Inappropriate as it may sound, I would like to believe that this is a change that any mama would embrace.
  2. Not being able to hold it if I have to go number 1. I used to pride myself in being able to go 6 to 8 hours straight without going. Believe me that is no more.
  3. My shoe size got smaller. I really like the fact that I have gone from 8.5 to 8 but i still don’t understand how this is connected with pregnancy but it happened to me so hey…..
  4. A few stretch marks have continued to Grace my belly; something I am totally okay with. I strongly believe these stretch marks are a symbol of love given to and by my children.
  5. My menstrual period get heavier. This is normal at least from what I have been told by women wiser than me. Went from a 3 day cycle to 5 days.
  6. My Belly is not as flat as it used to be. This too is totally okay because I strongly believe skinny does not equal to a healthy body. I maintain healthy habits and that’s what matters to me.

All in all, the above are personal experiences of which some mamas may not be able to relate to. Our bodies are different in regards to how they adapt to pregnancy and the changes they it brings. And also how we choose to embrace these changes does matter. Do not allow what society views any of the above changes or any other change steal your joy. Stay joyful and embrace the beauty in which you stand as a mama for in God’s image we are all created.



2 thoughts on “6 changes pregnancy graced my body with.

  1. The blessings we receive from the opportunity to raise children, make all of the above more than worth it in my humble opinion. Great post! My hair turned curly when I was pregnant with my first and it’s stayed ever since.

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