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“Wishing away moments” in motherhood.


There are times when the beautiful things that happen to us during the motherhood journey also take a toll on us and we certainly end up highlighting the negatives in them. Those moments that for a second we wish were different. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed carrying my babies even though I wouldn’t identify myself as a “high heels” on kind of pregnant super lady(even though I wish I were). You know the kind of mama that just has the perfect glow throughout their pregnancy and of course they will tell you how easy it is being pregnant. Which is perfectly okay if you are one of that kind. I am absolutely not that macho mama! I was always the miserable kind; sick the entire time, took my growing little one inside of me for a rival in a battle field whenever they kicked or stretched (it felt like my ribs were literally being kicked out). I was always happy to get to the finish line. Yes I wanted pain medication immediately when my labor pains started (this did not happen though because I was never far off enough to receive some). So yes, I clearly remember my labor pains that to this day I strongly believe I could write a book explaining my exact intense pain experience in seconds! If you have been in my shoes, you know exactly what am talking about. All in all, I have wished away some moments;

  1. Nausea; Am sure if you have experienced morning sickness during pregnancy, it may be one of the motherhood moments that you probably wished did not exist. I know I did when I was in that moment. But then, we should always remember that it is hard but part of something beautiful that is happening in our bodies.
  2. Heavy appetite during pregnancy; I wouldn’t say that I necessarily wished this one away completely since I would always get away with eating for two….Which I surely was.
  3. The constant potty breaks; for a million times I did wish these moments away and am sure my beloved husband would bear witness. Despite the fact that I realized quickly that it was part of the beauty in carrying a baby, it was very hard having to run back and forth the bathroom. I dreaded it to say the least.
  4. Back pain; Of course I realized I was carrying a baby/a human; who expressed his domain in my weary body. I loved that my baby was growing, but it sure hurt my back and for a second, I would wish that moment away.
  5. Swollen feet and itchy stretch marks; That moment when none of my flip flops fit, no amount of lotion could moisturize my itchy stretch marks! As for me and myself, did wish this situation away because it was definitely miserable!
  6. Labor pains; If any mother out there got up and told me they enjoyed the labor pains moment, they would surely be my hero!!!!. Okay, don’t get me wrong, I was excited to see my baby, but this hurt!!!, It hurt a whole lot….I was one of those moments when I surely thought I would be breathing my last. So picture this, in my situation for our first baby, I was not able to even get anything called pain medication. And no I was not one of the brave women (even though I truly wish I were that brave). My doctor just couldn’t give me the medicine!!!!. In labor for 14 hours straight!!!!!.
  7. Healing from a caesarean section; Obviously in my case, I ended up under the knife after 14 beautiful hours of testing my bravery/super woman abilities in labor. But the healing part would be a moment in motherhood/my motherhood moments that I would wish away.
  8. Sleepless nights; I am blessed with an amazing husband that always did the night time feedings but, despite of all the help I always found myself restless if my baby was up.
  9. Potty training; Hard, hard, hard! Despite the fact that the end result is amazing! This moment in parenthood was super challenging for me and for a moment did wish it away.

Motherhood is beautiful and I would never trade it for anything in the world, but those moments were hard!

5 thoughts on ““Wishing away moments” in motherhood.

  1. The pains of labor have a way of staying with you. The first thing I thought of when I knew I was pregnant for the sixth time was the labor. I wanted to be knocked out and woken when it was all over. After watching our daughter give birth to her first baby on January 3rd, our fifth grandchild, it wasn’t any easier. I found myself wincing, remembering that pain! lol

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