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Birthday candles!


As 2017 clocked in, I remember thinking…Another candle to the birthday cake for my babies. Yes they will be a year older; we want that to happen as parents but yet it’s scary and something new. Very new if we haven’t taken that path before. This year our baby boy turns 8(and honestly, I find myself getting ahead of myself; am thinking…5 years to 13). Noooooooooooo!!! that 8 year old is my baby. Bless me Lord!!!……I need mercy. As a parent though, I desire for our son (my baby) to grow into a responsible man. I want him to grow to be independent and more;

  1. I pray and hope that he grows to fear the Lord. Understand God’s grace for him daily.
  2. I pray for my baby/my boy to love the Lord as he grows/to never stumble away from God’s presence in this crazy world.
  3. I desire for my boy to love and respect those around him.
  4. I desire for my boy to understand forgiveness in light of what scripture says not how he feels about it.
  5. I desire for my boy to always find contentment whenever and wherever God puts him in life.
  6. I desire for my boy to one day leave the nest (I know I love my baby, but I do desire to see him grow into a man that will take up responsibility and be able to provide for himself or family when and if that is God’s will).
  7. I pray that my boy will enjoy hard work.
  8. I hope and pray that my son will delight and desire to serve others than to be served.
  9. I pray that my baby boy will one day love and adore the woman in his life and putting her first before myself.
  10. I hope and pray that he will know better than to accumulate debt of any kind.
  11. I pray that my boy will know that being rude is not what makes a man but kindness along with humility are a few of many good characters of a real man.
  12. I hope and pray that he will always respect those in leadership at whatever level that may be.
  13. To know that love knows no skin color nor race boundaries.

Now comes my baby girl/our daughter. 6!!!!Yes my little girl is turning 6 this year. Really, how can that be, she was just born yesterday….Well, I guess 2011. But still that sounds like yesterday. Another year and yes another candle for my baby girl.

As my little girl grows, I hope and pray for many things to mention a few;

  • I pray and hope that she will grow to love God above anything else.
  • I pray and hope that she will grow to understand that she is perfectly created in God’s image and nothing can take that gift from her.
  • I pray and hope that my baby girl, my daughter will understand that humility is beautiful and to seek for it in every situation in life.
  • I pray and hope that my baby/my little girl will know that her body is the temple of God. Treat it with love and respect. To do with it things that are pleasing to God and not humans. To love herself.
  • I pray and hope that my little girl will always be slow to speak but quick to listen (something that I fail at miserably on a daily basis).
  • In prayer we all find comfort, only in the Lord who is our refuge. I hope and desire for my little girl to remember that daily.
  • I pray and hope that my little girl will know that even as a girl who will eventually become a woman, she will understand crystal clear that she can do anything in the academic world which is beautiful! But to remember that being or choosing to be a stay at home mamma if she ever does that doesn’t make her less of who God has made her to be or rather doesn’t make her academic achievements invalid.
  • To give Grace to those around her. I hope and pray that she will do that wherever God places her in life.
  • To love others and be an encouragement whenever she can.
  • I hope and pray that things of this world will not consume her. For it is indeed beautiful on the outside but just like the wind, it will come to pass. All of it will.
  • Definitely no debt.
  • Love knows no color. I pray that she will understand that one person from a totally different race can be “the one”. That is my husband and I. We are from two different continents, different cultures, different skin colors but God is gracious; love has crossed those boundaries.

All in all, I pray and hope that my babies, our babies will grow to love the lord with all their hearts and souls for every birthday candle blown!

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