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A leader;our president

Of God’s choosing, every leader is,

Ordained by God for his own purpose and glory, only He can guide any leader’s hand,

A leader is God’s own creation, under God’s sovereign Grace,

A leader, our leader, we are called to obey,

In fact, we are commanded to obey!

Our leader, who has been ordained by God we must pray for.

Our leader we ought to love and support, for like any of us is destined to make mistakes.

Our leader may even fail us, but we leave that to God for again, he is human!

Our joy, our hope is in Christ and not any leader can guarantee that.

Our leader, we must obey, love, forgive and understand for he is a human being created by God in His image and by the grace of God given the power to lead our nation.

God Bless!

5 thoughts on “A leader;our president

  1. I agree with you. We have Trump for four years. I pray he repaired the USA. Need jobs, balance budget and for us to get along. I liked your positive and honest words and thoughts.

  2. Amen! President Donald Trump is our leader, and we are to pray for him and his family. My prayer is for wisdom, safety and endurance. It is not a job I would like, and I am happy that he is willing! It is rather exciting to see what God has planned!

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