Poetry/Short Stories

Our eyes locked πŸ’ž

Our eyes locked for the very first time!

Our eyes; my baby’s and mine,

I was holding my baby for the first time,

I was looking and admiring all the special features from both my husband and I.

I was looking and once again amazed at God’s love, grace and work!

Our eyes locked;my baby’s and mine as I gazed in a kind of joy that my heart had never had!

Our eyes locked as my baby searched for food only I could give ;milk!

Our eyes locked in that moment as I fed my baby.

His/her little eyes gazing straight into mine, our eyes locked!

By Susan McMillan

For my children Gary and Michele

3 thoughts on “Our eyes locked πŸ’ž

    1. Thank you!!. It’s amazing how our babies bring out a tenderness that we may never have realized was in us. At least in my case. From day one, every single day is a new experience in learning about mother/child love. It’s beautiful!

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