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Dear bride to be…


You have probably already had your ears full with different words of wisdom about soo many details on being a great bride, then wife and so on. You are probably rolling your eyes and throwing tantrums, “we” the older girls won’t leave you alone. Now baby girl, that situation right there is called “being loved on” and sharing. And I know if there is one thing “we” women are good at, it would probably be sharing our experience and most definitely will not miss out at a chance to toss a little to the bride to be!

Trust me, been there and yes I know when you are excited, planning your wedding and registering for gifts the last thing on your mind is that good olé Lodge cast iron that will make it through generations that may come by you. And no you will not register for some good dark colored cotton towels that them kids will end up using on their muddy feet… a bride to be, you are thinking white!!…..fancy, clean and ohh, the cast iron part, no ma’am… cooking with those well done nails is not gonna happen! Unless of course the groom just loves to do that for you!

All jokes aside, well not really. Seriously for your wedding gifts, you have family and friends wanting and willing to help you get started. So trust me, if you are like us….the beginning won’t be that smooth, so register for useful things that are meant to last in your home;

  1. Study Bible .You will need this in your daily walk with God, best guidance and counseling in your marriage and if or when babies come along, believe me you need this word as you raise them!
  2. Good olé Lodge cast iron(believe me, you will be making meals in these for generations to come)
  3. Vitamix
  4. Mixer (a kitchen aid will do). I literally just got mine from a precious friend after almost nine beautiful years of homemaking. It’s handy and saves a lot of time
  5. Good towels(a couple)
  6. Two good cookbooks but don’t cook yourself to death (in those first years of trying hard to impress your beloved husband).
  7. Salad spinner.( Yes that too!…you know that with just the two of you to start, you may not want to do a lot of cooking and a good salad is a good go to)
  8. Fiesta dinner ware. I repeat, fiesta plates…am not trying to advertise for fiesta dinner ware but I need you to know that after years of using mine, they are very durable, can withstand heat very well, you will be using them for years if you dare try them.
  9. Good cotton napkins. These are cheap but over the years they will save you the hassle if dealing with paper towels.
  10. Rice maker. Perfect for making any grain
  11. Pyrex bakeware and storage containers
  12. Good quality silver Ware
  13. Total money makeover and financial peace university. Yes I said it. You need to learn about finances. More so how to work together as a couple in that regard.
  14. Good bedding depending on the size of your bed at the time.
  15. Restaurant gift card. Just in case you are too broke for that first anniversary.

Sincerely ole lady

The 9.5 year Mrs.


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