Our Life


Time changes things,

Time takes us places,

Time reveals old secrets,

Time creates memories,

Time erases memories also, both good and bad.


Time will heal deep wounds that once bled endlessly,

Time grows hearts together,

Time can tear hearts apart too!

Time and only time leads us into our next….

On time, he showed up for their first date

By the time she was ready, he had waited a while,

At the right time, he asked her to marry him,

With time, along came their baby,

After some time, they were becoming empty nesters,

Time after time they held hands and thought about how much time had gone by,

That sunny day under that oak tree, it was time to kiss his bride of 60 years good bye as she was laid to rest….

With time, he knows he will see her again!

By Susan McMillan

2 thoughts on “Time!

  1. Beautiful poem and beautiful thoughts! Time never stops, but God is always in control of what changes time brings. Love you!

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