Why Budget!

Almost been a year since this was written and still holds true.

Rhythm In Life

If you are new to the subject of personal finances then you are probably asking yourself Why? Why go through the hassle? Why restrain your spending? Why be so nerdy?
Well, let me try to tell you Why by asking a few questions?
Why would you not want to know where your money is going?
Why would you want to spend more than you make every month?
Why would you go to work every single day and not want to have a penny in savings?
Why would you not want to retire on more than social security? 🙂
Why would you want to stay a slave to the lenders?
Why would you think budgets and spread sheets are nerdy? They are totally awesome!!!!!!
Well if these question have sparked your interest then let’s proceed.
I can’t promise you that your budget will save your life, marriage or automatically file your taxes…

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3 thoughts on “Why Budget!

  1. I am not good with money. I need to budget, I am on a fixed income and the way prices rise, it is hard to keep up. Our car insurance is the highest in the country, and it keeps going up. Pretty soon I wont be able to drive. My internet will be going up, this month, I already got the price down last year, they said they would not do it again. There aren’t many internet options, they all want a bundle and a contract, which I can not afford. My budget would be cutting down on food and sitting in the dark the way it is going.

    1. We live in Texas and from our experience for the past 8 years, prices seem remotely stable. I know it’s hard to stick to a budget but it’s worth it in the long run. Just try it for a month or two (getting out of your comfort zone). You can do it my friend đź’Ş

      1. Wow, Texas. I thought it would be expensive there. I mean what about the electric? Here the car insurance is out of control. Gasoline is up and down, but still to high in my opinion and car upkeep is high. Those are just a few of the things Then if you have a home repair, that can cost and arm and a leg. Those are things that you have to save up for. I think I would prefer living in an apartment, but I don’t have kids, so that is feasible.

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