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The dreaded Monday

Monday….oh Monday!…I have always hated Mondays and it doesn’t really have anything to do with what or where I will be. I can be on vacation and I will still hate Mondays. If you have read my blogs you probably know by now that am a stay at home mom. Wait a second, I know you are wondering…why complain about Monday then?…….ummmm, just because it’s a Monday and I don’t like Mondays and perhaps I can never find an explanation beyond that!


This Monday feels even more of a Monday that most! It feels like a torture chamber, It feels like being told to stand in a snow storm while watching a warm and cozy fire from a distance; our family vacation is ending(I have had my husband all to myself all week… something that rarely happens with him being a contractor), I have enjoyed seeing our babies relaxed and just goof off for two weeks straight, I probably still have the holidays hangover, I have been used to sleeping in(and not thinking too much about school for the kids) and perhaps this first Monday of 2017 feels like the starting point to a very long year of working on a lot of different things.

And yes I have to resume with school preparations for the kids, I have to be more alert starting tomorrow (snap out of my holiday comma).

I know I have to start with Monday to get to my favorite day (Friday)….. So here we go!!!!

Let’s do it!

Work hard so later we can play harder!



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