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“Hey mama”

A short poem about two different generations

Hey mama”……his voice murmured quite sharply as though he was begging to be heard. Me, a young gal of a bunch of generations younger kept on doing what “we” the young generation do these days..ignore everyone and everything around us.

“Please save your breath for the next couple of miles you have to walk trying to get to your place”….so I thought to my self.

Oh no!, that old folk was not about to give up on what he wanted to say. 

“Mama”, he called out to me sharply……that would have been a Nick name for a little, naive and seemingly stupid girl who with sway seemed to have the world at her feet. Diverting my attention from that box looking thing…” my cell phone”, I decided to listen to what “Mr. He” had to say.

“Back in our day, kids were kids and adults were adults, adults were leaders and the younger followed their lead”

“We looked people in the eyes when they were talking to us”…..this, i believe “Mr. He” mentioned because my face was buried into my cellphone like “we” do these days. I really did not want to listen to what he was saying.

I chewed my gum so hard in rage as I got what seemed like a lecture from this old folk. I was getting really frustrated, but every word he said made alot of sense. At least i thought so, even though i could not acknowledge that fact. We are worlds and decades apart, so I thought to myself. Our ways are different…..we have swag, we have new trends. Why bother to understand what he is saying?

“Mama”…..he went on, ” I know things are different, but in our days, we sought advice from the elders not from that automatic box”. Of course I was rolling my eyes wondering if my day could get any worse. To me, a word from an old folk , generations ago seemed useless……yea I Was rude, I was naive, and I was not really going to take his words over my social media friends….Mr. He’s words were not “cool”. 

“We said hello to people along the way”….he went on. ” And we got to know our neighbors…..i was already thinking, I have so many friends on social media, why bother to know my neighbors?…..that is too old school and it’s definitely not for me!

He had wasted so much of my time at this point, so I was going to plug in my headphones, jazz up to my loud music and do what “we do best” in our world these days. Ignore everything and everyone and think of myself!

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