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fun week to Christmas

This coming week of December 19th through Christmas most people have time off work. Kids have time from school; this can either be fun or overwhelming. Either way, let’s try and have fun while we are at it as we look forward to Christmas day.

  1. Go Christmas lights hunting. Our family has already been at this for the past week and our babies can’t get enough of all the beautiful lights.
  2. Go take walks at any big malls you know; the kids may want to run and that is ok given the fact that there’s not much outdoor running this time around.
  3. Play in the snow if you have some. Not in Texas yet😂
  4. Find a place to watch some free Christmas caroling.
  5. Have a Christmas movie marathon at home. We are not big television watchers but for the next week we are allowing ourselves to enjoy some Christmas movies through Netflix. Obviously we pay for our Netflix streaming but that is a small monthly fee, and we don’t have to pay premium prices to go to the movie theater. On the other hand, you can go to the movie theater if you prefer to do that. Either way it will be fun!
  6. Play board games. These can be just for fun or if you have that competitive relative that you would want to put down, well here is your chance.
  7. For those that enjoy it, give your local Santa a visit.
  8. Sleep in; if my writing had some sound effect, I would probably have a super loud voice to this one. It’s been a long year with school and work for most which requires running out of bed every morning. So why not? Toss that alarm clock to the side and enjoy some serious sleep!!
  9. Make hot cocoa; why not? Grab your favorite mug filled with some cocoa goodness and enjoy!
  10. Spa day; I need one and am getting one😉. Moms, we have seriously earned one of these….. It’s dry from the heater, so feet, hands and skin need some TLC. Grab a bunch of your girlfriends and go get pumped.
  11. Read a bunch of books. You know what, there’s really not a whole lot left to do now that you have all your Christmas shopping done. Cozy up and enjoy some good reads.
  12. Closet cleaning. We actually did this today. This is a great time to do some cleaning of any space to reduce on some clatter. Donate some of the finds that you are not using anymore but also creating space for some of the Christmas gifts you may be getting.
  13. Make cookies for a local soup kitchen that will probably be serving people that could use a sweet treat.
  14. Go snowboarding or skiing if you have snow in your area and are adventures.

Let’s all enjoy this week as we anticipate the birth of our Savior!!

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