Financial Goals for 2017(budgets)

I am a little late from what I promised you on getting the New Budgets posted but I finally got to it this evening. We have 15 days till it is 2017 and that means we have 15 days before our current budgets expires. 15 days till we have to have the new budget up and running fairly well. 15 days to finish planning out our family goals for 2017.

Our first goal every year is usually telling our money what to do, where to go and who it can hangout with. That cannot be done very well without a good budget. I tend to go overboard on budgets and if the truth be told, our current budget is not even close to what I would like to do. But this is a family budget not My budget which means it has to work for both my wife and I.

Our Second goal this year is to save like never before. We are completely debt free and that puts us in a great position to save a lot of money towards both regular savings as well as retirement. As we have witnessed before though on saving, is that when you have other places your money needs to go(paying off debt), you don’t do as well in regards to saving as you would like. This year(2017) we are hoping to make savings goals our main focus and really maximize it as much as possible. Both budgets that I posted have a savings goals area on the last tab to set your goals and keep track of your current progress.

Our last financial goal this year is to give. We Tithe (10%)  as always but this year(2017) we hope to give(offering) beyond that to other ministries that we feel inclined to.

Take a look over the new budgets and feel free to download and make use of them. Ask any questions you may have to get them set up for you. Most of the input fields are a peach color and should be self-explanatory. The tax calculations may be a little confusing if you need to adjust your tax rate but let me know and I can walk you through it.

Thanks and God Bless


Click Here for the Budget Page

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