Our Life

Creating one sweet memory at a time

As I write this, am sandwiched in between my babies. This is how we usually start our days. Say a prayer, quite time and then listen to  some beautiful silly singing from my 5 year old(you probably can already imagine how precious that sounds like). Am a lucky woman indeed!

I get then get kisses from my babies(the Stinky kind) that I used to dread;I used to dislike morning breathe so much that I went to an extent of brushing my own teeth twice in the mornings ( right out of bed and then after breakfast).With that same kind of breathe awaiting me every morning from my two lovely munchkins, I had to give in( to my husband’s joy).

You know, as we raise children, some days are hard, some are a blast, some are filled with tears while others with lots of laughter. We change diapers when they are little, feed them, give them bathes, say the same things over and over to get them to listen and obey and yes we may feel worn out to the maxi but there’s joy in it all. These day will pass and as parents, we have and are creating life time memories.

Last night hubby and I were chatting about our little munchkins;I had just finished my routes with laying with them each in their own beds,rubbing their little backs, holding their little hands, letting them tell me about their day. I myself was feeling exhausted from a very long day, at first I wanted to not continue to give myself, I wanted so much to just start my night routine with a hot shower(not disrupted with four pairs of eyes). Once again, I thought to myself that these days will pass quickly, I will miss these days and I know the minutes I take laying there with them and listening to them say whatever will make memories for us all;good memories.My husband was able to recollect a memory of his own from childhood…. taking naps with his mama on the couch. Back in that time, it may not have seemed like much but to him, it was more time spent with his precious mama, and moments that will last a lifetime.

I know, I will make mistakes Along the way, some days I will fail miserably but I desire to create the best of memories as we raise our babies.

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