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Diaper bag mess/life in a diaper bag.

From that moment I became a mother, I started my journey with the beloved diaper bag and I grew to praise that piece in which most moms have their lives on the go at all times. In my case, there was alot and to mention a few; a toiletry bag for the babies that consisted of clean diapers at least 4, wipes, baby rash cream, disinfectant just in case, then my personal lady bathroom bag…you know😉, the diaper bag at some point had a grocery store somewhere in there….yap, if my babies got hungry, mama had a snack and they always knew where to find it(this always made hubby and I laugh….i still find it hysterical, my diaper bag was some what of a kids’ library…..what kind of mother was I if I didn’t have a couple of my kids’ favorite books on me at all times?, not forgetting the much adored stuffed animals….boy, I won’t even say…am still tortured with keeping an eye on them stuffed animals that they would easily pass for our third and fourth children😂.

Change of clothes for the babies and a tee for myself just Incase the baby’s feedings didn’t go well.

The binky and an extra one just Incase.

Changing mat and an extra blanket to keep baby extra warm.

Mama’s wallet. At this point, I ditched my purse and I honestly didn’t care. I was just a mom trying.

I don’t know what goes into other moms’ diaper bags, with our babies at 5 and 7 now, I can finally own a descent purse but still maintain my pride for the days I had to carry the mighty diaper bag. I still smile when I see a mom gracefully carrying their diaper bag in one arm and a baby in the other. I think to myself, I have been there girl, it’s a mess, it’s ok for it is a beautiful mess.

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