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No vacation with motherhood

Being a mother is one of the biggest blessings I have ever had. One of the most painful experiences of my life(the laboring part of it). Mom(my mother in law) saw that first hand with our son. I really thought I was done. But it’s still beautiful. Yea isn’t that weird, it’s painful but beautiful all in the same sentence. That is motherhood…. at least with my experience in the past 7 and half years.

When we found out we were pregnant with our first child, my first thought was “call mom”…..oh yea, I would either call that sharing the expected shock with her so she could spend the next nine months processing the thought of a new little one in the family or maybe the idea that she is mom and probably would immediately start educating us about what to expect. Either way, mom knows best and she was going to be part of this.

Mom will tell you, when my water broke, we called her!!. Oh yea….with no clue that I was going to be in labor for the next 14 hours and she would be part of it😂. I love you mom. This was no party in the park….she held my hand, rubbed my back, encouraged me with those words only a mother’s heart carries and more yet, saw me curse her baby boy( my husband) with every sinful rage in me. Mom stayed calm and patient with the crazy laboring woman(I am her girl after all…..she has treated me like one from our first encounter which is another story).

Our little one came by cesarean section. The aftermath was painfully unbearable for me. Mom held her little grandson and did what she does best. Took care of us all for 6 weeks and am very grateful for that. Mom mothers so well and I know I thrive to be like her as I raise my babies.Mom didn’t mind the sleepless nights, the hard work around the house but I know it’s because she is mom.

A few years into our marriage along with motherhood, I would get totally lost not sure I was doing the right thing with our baby and some  times I just wanted to cry. Mom, she let me do just that. I would call mom a bunch of times a week just to cry and hear yet again that everything was going to be ok. I needed those words, i needed the feeling of mom’s presence as I struggled to fit into motherhood. She was there.

I still call mom to check on her but sometimes it’s for me. The assurance of her presence. That touch that one feels from a mother even at far away distance

Our little girl(baby number 2)was born in 2011 and a few days later I was diagnosed with liver cancer.I had to take the painful journey like everyone else does, but in my case there was a little one. Mom, she was there and my baby was loved with warmth. A lot of it. Those new mom sleepless nights, mom took them on fully without my input. She loved us, she cared for us, she was mom. Three months into the cancer journey,i was so weak to even take care of myself in any way…..so mom would keep on. She patiently and lovingly kept going. Diaper changes, night time feedings, encouraging me on top of praying.That is mom

You know during holiday seasons, we all desire to be home. And if we were to be honest,it’s moms that have to run the entire thing of kids, grand kids or even great grandchildren if there are any. Then she gets to see her babies each in their own situation which leads her to her prayer list for the coming year or even her worries. That can be mom. She is mom and there’s definitely no vacation.

We love our fathers( dads) but mom is mom and we all would describe a mom with many words or feelings and I believe they are endless.

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