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Ugandan chai tea

Ok, I will begin by complaining!!!. Many folks travel to countries like Uganda, taste the “local food” in fancy restaurants and then determine they understand the cuisine of that specific country. It bothers me a lot to say the least.

Today am talking about Ugandan chai tea (and not the Indian chai tea). I was born in the Western part of Uganda and raised between the central and western parts of it. In both regions we call our tea “chai”, a beverage we got to consume every single morning if we were not having porridge. So I have had my fair share of tea. And this Ugandan tea is usually made up of;

  1. Black tea (mostly loose but the tea bags work too. Those are for the fancy people at fancy restaurants or the rich and that was not me growing up)
  2. Filtered water(eye ball it)
  3. Lemon grass( a bunch)
  4. Ginger( entangahuzi; my native language)

Bring the water to a boil, add lemon grass and smashed ginger. Let boil for a minute. Then add tea leaves and let steep for a minute. Use a fine mesh sieve over a mug to pour the tea ready to serve. That is Chai tea. But at this point, you can add hot milk if you please. But the real deal is dairy free!!

Maybe next time you travel to a different country, try and visit a true grandma’s kitchen for a quick lesson about the true cuisine.

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