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Try to slow it down a little(2017)

Life tends to get really busy and before we know it, we are running all over nonstop. Here are a few things that we can try out to slow down a little;

  • Getting out of debt. If you are still in debt (or if you owe anyone money there is nothing like slowing down. In fact you have to keep going so you can pay your debt off. We have been there before and it’s exhausting)
  • Don’t keep up with the Jones. If you try to do whatever everyone else is doing or buy whatever everyone else is buying you will break and stay broke. Learn to me content and don’t hassle to please lookers. Trust me, it’s not worth it.
  • Work hard during the week but enjoy your weekends doing activities that you love or rather you and your family love. We have one life to live☺
  • Time management. Don’t waste your time. Plan out your time so you don’t waste it passively.
  • Downsize. Whatever that means to you. For our family, it is our 1200sqft rental home. It may mean downsizing your hobbies, stuff, commitments (and by this I mean not being on every committee). You are still a responsible citizen if you are on only one, unless you are just a super human.
  • Rest. Have nothing planned for the weekends (seriously, I have to laugh at the fact that when our friends ask what our plans for the weekends are and we say nothing they take it for a joke!). Why can’t we be allowed to rightfully rest?. Why is it not ok to take long naps over the weekend? After all, we have done our share of running around and saying our (don’t do that, don’t touch that or stop fighting) with our two little ones. Don’t you want to rest after a very long work week?
  • Facebook brake/delete. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty crazy how much Facebook will rouse you up. Catching up with everyone (even those that would never give you a phone call), comparing life styles according to Facebook, friending and unfriending people, and to go along with that keeping up with the Jones on Facebook. My observation/experience is how much time browsing through Facebook will eat up. Give yourself a break and slow it down on Facebook.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. I think I fall under this category since I have pretty much mastered the art of worrying about everything and anything. I like being on top of things, I want to know the hows, the whens and then pile on the what ifs…..yea it’s crazy. Individuals like me need to loosen up and try not to worry about everything.
  • Read a book (I mean a real book with paper and pages to turn). I think one of my biggest fantasies as a mom is to sit still in my bed, pajamas on, some warm socks and my little women book, pride and prejudice…..yea that’s my kind of stuff( my honey can’t stand them though). For those with little ones, read to them instead of taking them to a Walmart rush, you will get to have a moment with them and you will create good memories with your voice reading out loud. With a book in your hands, there’s no rushing….you are literally forced to slow down.

At the end of the day we all know those things in our daily lives that keep us on our toes, give us headaches, sleepless nights and so on……simply take a breath and try to relax…after all we are all still breathing right?

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