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Loving my liver( detox)

Five years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer( that came with a 22 centimeter tumor)….and days after having our precious girl. Being so clueless about the meaning of cancer and as expected scared to pieces, I was going to do anything and everything the doctors were telling me. Cesarean section 5 days prior to the diagnosis, a month later came the liver resection to remove the massive tumor, then the “party begun”. Chemotherapy…….urrrrrg how I hated(hated is an understatement), I really hated this process to the core. It was very hard, physically painful and exhausting. I know for sure if I had ever made an honest prayer to be relieved, this was the time. I desired for God to really listen to my prayers this time(crazy me, like He ever listened less the other times)

OK enough of that, but that is part of my story that got me to the journey of blogging(about our lives as a family).

Of course I still have a huge scar that graces my entire belly and I have learned to be OK with that. I have life after all and God remains faithful.

Despite the fact that I trusted my doctors to do their best, I knew that I needed to practically take care of my body( something that seemed complex at the time). Detoxing and cleaning my liver regularly started being part of the plan. It doesn’t have to take cancer or any other painful smack on your body to do what I have chosen to do.

So here are some of the things I do to detox my liver at least once a month if not daily;

  • Drinking apple cider vinegar. The liver filters out everything. All the dirty stuff through the blood goes through there,so cleaning it and alkalizing that system is very important.
  • Drinking dirt( what???!!!, Oh yeah I said dirt. I buy the living clay detox powder and mix one table spoon into 8 oz of water and drink one ounce at a time and drink another full glass of water. This clay drink attracts impurities to it and then passed out through your bowls.
  • Taking these supplements; turmeric,artichoke,beets,milk thistle and dandelion. If you are able to find them in fresh plant form, the better.
  • Drinking lots of water( cutting out alcohol). This is not an issue with me because I get super dizzy at a sip of any alcoholic beverage. But it’s very important to drink water regularly so as to flush out your liver.
  • Eating lots of seeds( we do pumpkin seeds mostly) and a good intake of legumes to be able to get a great deal of methionine( very essential for detoxing)….i learned this from a nutritionist at our local health food store.
  • Limiting coffee intake.
  • Cut out dairy products( we have successfully been able to do this since my husband and babies are allergic to dairy). But the whole point is the inflammation caused by dairy. In my opinion, the pain that can be caused is not worth the simple pleasure of the milk, cheese or ice cream, but the choice is yours.
  • Again about alkalizing your system, cucumbers( not pickles) are your best go to veggie. Eating cucumbers to the maxi when you have them in season.

Am no doctor, but I know from my own experience that nutrition or simply food naturally can help our bodies heal and reverse what may seem impossible to the doctors. Over the past 5 years, I have learned to try being my own doctor. It has worked for me.

All in all, we are God’s own creation and His hand will do only that He wills. I trust and believe that true healing comes from Him.

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