Our Life


SO often, Christmas comes and goes leaving us caught up in our daily chaos of life. We keep busy with the seasonal activities instead of reflecting on what we ought to. What does it truly mean to celebrate the birth of Christ our savior?…..a love so pure that He would take the wrath that was meant for us upon Himself!!. At the joy of His birth, We should look forward to Him(that baby in the manger) preparing for the CROSS where He restored us and fulfilled that which no one else could. Christ’s birth leading up to His death is a breath of LIFE to us, it’s a a true gift of Grace.

As we all await Christmas,i hope that we will not forget the true meaning of it all,seeking Him daily, rejoicing in His word because only through Christ Jesus we have life.

In anticipation of the birth of Christ our savior, We received the advent calendar above from a dear friend of ours from our church with daily devotionals and activities to do as a family each nigh throughout the month of December. We hope to use it for many years to come as part of our family tradition.

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