Our Kitchen


  • Soups; all you need are some veggies (preferably celery, carrots, some green onions and garlic), chicken broth, salt and pepper in addition to the leftover turkey (diced or shredded). Heat everything up, grab you a bowl and a spoon for some good stuff!
  • Turkey salad; just like the normal chicken salad, accept no mayonnaise (I hate mayonnaise with a passion). To some diced leftover turkey, add two tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt, 1 diced apple (preferably granny smith), squeeze of half a lemon, salt, and pepper and snip some chives.
  • Lettuce wraps; this one pretty much builds off the turkey salad, add some off that into your lettuce or maybe just toss some plain shredded leftover turkey into the lettuce with favorite dressing.
  • Turkey burritos; you can go as crazy as you want on the burrito by adding beans, veggies or even greens as well as cheese to the left over shredded turkey. Use a good whole wheat tortilla.
  • Fajitas; Toss into a hot cast iron skillet with a little olive oil, diced onions and peppers with a little paprika, salt and pepper to finish. Build your tacos topped with cilantro or guacamole.
  • Turkey quesadillas; if you have kids, this is the way to go. With some good sharp cheddar cheese shredded leftover turkey, and some good whole wheat tortillas, you will have everyone snacking or however you may choose to view it😁
  • Toss some diced turkey over favorite greens for a good filling salad.
  • Build some turkey sandwiches along with left over rolls from the thanksgiving dinner. Quick and easy.
  • For the bones, go ahead and make some broth that can be saved in the freezer for later use.
  • Turkey pot pie; instead of chicken pot pie, use some of the leftover turkey to create a master piece (an area I would fail miserably).😊
  • Turkey and sweet potato hash. You have the leftover turkey, probably a sweet potato or two still hanging out in the pantry from the crazy Thanksgiving cooking, diced both the turkey and the sweet potato, toss with a little oil, add to a heated skillet until sweet potatoes are tender. You can top with a fried egg if you still have room in your belly to munch on more yummy goodness.
  • Turkey calzone. If you have some dough, a little cheese, some Italian herbs and tomato sauce, go ahead and create these yummy calzones. You could even use biscuit dough.

Am sure the list is endless with what you could make from turkey leftovers. Go ahead and try some of these or even take them a step further.


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