5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Gift

Looking through old posts and thought this was fitting

Rhythm In Life

We have been on the Dave Ramsey Plan for 5 years now and believe me it works. It is the simplest financial plan that one can use to become financially independent. With this plan, we have not owned a credit cardin 5 years and never will again. Dave’s plan is not a quick fix, it is a life changing, mind altering course that if followed with discipline will forever change the way you look at and handle money. But you have to want to change, you need to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. If that’s you then start as soon as you can, if not then come back later when you are sick and tired.(probably after christmas when you get your credit card bills)

if you think you have tasted freedom, trying not owing anyone money 🙂

The rich rules over the poor, and…

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