Frugal holidays

So the holidays are here,”surprise”!…,not really, because they always happen the exact dates every year as Dave Ramsey puts it and I totally agree with him. Black Friday ( or maybe we will call it shop until you black out Friday). Crazy spending on everything!….if it’s in the store, we’ll buy it whether there’s money behind those huge carts full of stuff or not. Regardless of how you are planning your shopping attack game, we can try to take control and keep it simple but meaningful;.

  • First, relax and don’t panic to get to every single sell like it’s the last one to ever happen. Good news, there will be more sells next year and the next and the next.
  • Have a budget. This will help you plan and spend only what you can afford. Literally go back to how much money you have in your account, give every single $ a name and be sure to stay within your means.Remember, if you have to pull out the credit card( buy your stuff on credit) then that should be good enough red light to not even bother getting carried away unless you are the kind of person that just looooooves debt( or rather being a slave to the big credit companies).
  • Gift thank-you letters to family and friends. A well thought out letter of appreciation for the love,friendship and more throughout the year would be more meaningful in my opinion over stuff that will probably break your bank account. And I don’t mean that letter about your self and the millions of things you have done throughout the year. After all, this letter is being directed completely the opposite way….to your loved ones not yourself.
  • Make gifts; if you think you are crafty, that would probably not be me. So go ahead and make something as simple as an ornament( something that your family/ friends will probably keep for a life time).
  • Buy needs as gifts. Since we are trying to practice frugality here, we may as well take it to the next  level. Let’s say your kids will be needing a new back pack come next year, go ahead and get them one as a Christmas gift and they get to use it instead of the plastic toys that they will think are boring probably by December 31. And these needs may vary within different families. After all, Christmas is not about us nor is it our birthday😁. It’s about Christ and we celebrate that!. And yes I would remind the kids about the true facts of Christmas here just in case they get all worked up for not getting what they ” want” or just suggest they get a job if they are that good at complaining.
  • Avoid buying overpriced holiday decor in the name of holiday excitement!. I should say most women fall as victims under this one. For lack of sense in style of home decorating, I have never been a victim even though at times I wished a were when I have gone to friends’ houses who literally decorate for every season so perfectly that it feels like they yanked the house from a magazine. Am all for decorating your home to the max as long as you are not going into debt doing it nor draining out your savings. Am very sure you can still enjoy your holidays with your family even without all the expensive plastic,glass and confetti that will be out of style at the end of the season.
  • Avoid eating out just because you are bored over the holidays or maybe because it’s the thing to do. Stuffing yourself with food from every angle is not what makes holidays meaningful. But if you have to, enjoy making meals together as a family with all that time in your hands. Make freezer meals together  for the coming months which will immediately save you money but also provide healthy frozen meals for those busy work days ahead.
  • Unplug that Christmas tree during the day and right before bed, and plug it in early evening for everyone to enjoy. It may not be much but it will definitely save some on that huge electric bill at the end of the month.
  • According to my lovely husband,take it a couple of steps ahead in the frugal world, string some popcorn together to decorate that Christmas tree. Well, am thinking ” antique”……real old school right there. Saving a few pennies is worth it, right?

Y’all can add to the list with any crazy ideas you can be frugal throughout this holiday season.

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