Our Life

Netflix shows that our family is/has been watching

For a family with little ones, it’s very hard these days to find shows or even movies that are appropriate or let’s say shows that don’t encourage disrespect of adults or bad attitude or even words we don’t want our kids to use. We haven’t had television in years but instead subscribe to Netflix, which has been one of the best decision we ever made both financially and spending our time wisely as a family. 

Below are some of the Netflix show(and YouTube) shows that we have been watching lately;


Food Choices 

American Bible Challenge

The Andy Griffith Show

The Super – adults only

Longmire – adults only

Food Matters

Fixer Upper

Heidi – Wonderful show for the kids

Larva – Daddy’s favorite

Roadkill – Family favorite(we watch on YouTube)

Dirt Every Day – On YouTube

Box Car Children

London Has Fallen

Robin Hood


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