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To  be thankful is to find humility within ourselves. It’s absolute gratefulness for that we can’t repay!, it’s humbling and it ought to be said wherein and when it’s due or rather deserved not for our own benefit but for those that it is directed to. Despite the need to be thankful, some times our pride takes over and we end up overlooking a lot of little things in life, we ignore or forget to be appreciative.

Next week we will be celebrating thanksgiving day mostly around family and food. But let’s not forget that it’s not about the food/turkey. It’s been a very long year for us, we have shared laughter as a family, tears, faced fears, fought to love and to forgive but still continuing to acknowledge the need to remain thankful thus some of those things below;

  1. Thankful for the gift of salvation;we know that only by God’s Grace we have been saved, not because of anything we do or can do.
  2. Thankful for the gift of life;sometimes I think am crazy because i happen to look at our local obituary sites every week. Despite of how creepy it may sound, it humbles me daily and reminds me that this body of mine is just a shell that will rot some day but through Christ i have a soul that will never die and for that am deeply thankful.
  3. Thankful for our marriage; For 9 beautiful years, my husband/love of my life has loved me to pieces(I think of myself as hard to love). This man of mine has been so kind, patient and loved me again and again even at my lowest when i wasn’t too sure i loved  myself. Daily, we continue to grow as husband and wife by God’s grace.
  4. My husband; This needed a line of its own. Am thankful for my Micheal every single day. I know for a fact he is the most awesome guy to ever live!!!, the best daddy to our children and also my best friend. I enjoy this guy a lot!!!
  5. Thankful for our extended family. This year has been rocky for us due to some bumps in some of our relationships with family, despite of all that, we are still thankful for all of our family(every single one of them) and pray and hope that there will continue to be healing and forgiveness where need be.
  6. Thankful for our friends. We have always lived far from our families and have grown to depend on friends a lot!!!. Some of whom we now think of as family. A true friend is hard to find, that i know for a fact.We are grateful always for ours
  7. Thankful for a great job through which we have been able to meet our family needs.
  8. Thankful for our babies. These two beautiful children are a true gift from God and watching them grow daily is a blessing.
  9. Thankful for good health.
  10. Thankful for peace and satisfaction in where God has us in life right now in prayer and hope to continue living a life that is pleasing to Him.
  11. With all the craziness in this world right now, we are thankful that Christ is enough and our hope remains in Him through it all.


Michele, Age 5 – Page 1


Michele, Age 5 – Page 2

Gary, Age 7

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