Our Life

guy time

I have two guys in my life (my wonderful hubby and my adorable son). I must say am a proud lady with these two…….they are very much alike in every way possible. I see our baby boy try to imitate his daddy daily….it’s beautiful! for i know if i were to hand pick a man for my boy to imitate, it would be my Michael, my love, his daddy.

Our little guy loves his mother a whole lot…..he says it and i see it every day but he sure enjoys having some guy moments with his daddy and yesterday was one of those moments. Of course as a mother, i worry about everything especially watching my little guy excited about doing “fun guy stuff” like going shooting. He is my baby but i know he is his father’s son/buddy. These boys of mine had fun and came back safe.

I pray that as much as my boy desires to do things like and with his daddy, his heart will grow to hunger for the word of God, to know and truly understand God’s grace in his life for it is a broken world that we live in.


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