Our Life

Missing my babies

Today is our babies’ first day of  “school”……well, outside the home. They will be going twice a week( Mondays and Fridays). I must say i think it’s hard on me. Besides my husband, my life runs around their schedule. All my daily plans, have them in mind first and what needs to be done to accomplish what they need to learn, how to love them and direct them.
Honestly, i don’t even know how to have my personal space because they are always present….even for my bathroom breaks.
After dropping them off this morning, as a mom and more so a mom that never has plan B in holding back tears to keep myself together, you bet i cried…..even harder after my husband and i drove off.
I pray that through this season of our lives we will continue to Trust and find comfort in the Lord.
I pray that as our babies get to learn more from others, they will also grow in the knowledge of the Lord, I pray that they will grow to understand God’s complete love and Grace towards him.
I love you my little Chele mama and Gary(my baba)



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