Our Life

mini vacation, starting school again.

Our Babies


Nana(Shelly) – mama(little chele) – Michele X 2



Girl Friends



The little McMillans


Russels on I40

Life is beautiful, life is hard and raw. I don’t know about others but i wear my heart on my face. I don’t know how to hide what’s within even though i sometimes catch myself trying hard. But one thing i know for sure…..” The Lord is my shepherd” as it is written in Psalm 23 . I have continuously relied on that Psalm for i know whatever may come, He will not abandon me.
Back to the point,we had a mini vacation to New Mexico to see our Parents(Nana,papa and oma). It was great, it was beautiful and it was peaceful.
And for school, we are still homeschooling our babies and did not take off for the summer……but this school year have decided to have our babies go to a homeschooling program that they will get to attend twice every week. They are very excited and so are we.
Well,…….mommy not so much. I have grown to enjoy having my babies at home 24/7 as i help them learn so i really don’t know how this little change will go.
Our only prayer continues to be that as our babies grow and learn, that they will grow to know and love God and seek to honor Him with their lives completely.
Am happy, excited and scared but i know God is in control!!!

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