Our Life

Gary’s 7th birthday

This little guy made us first time parents!!!!!. He was our first in every single way possible in this parenting thing….. I recall shedding tears when mom was leaving after 3 long weeks of helping us with the baby. I remember thinking….. “oh boy, what are we to do now that the champion at parenting is gone?”…..i was terrified to do anything with this baby.
But i knew our little one depended on us and also we had no choice but to dive in and be the best parents we could be!
Hubby did an amazing job by doing all the late night feedings(while gaming of course) but i couldn’t complain since i got my full nights of sleep. Thank you my dearest husband for being the best father in the whole wide world!!!!!
Happy birthday Baba, we continue to pray that as you grow in age, you will also grow to know and love the Lord with all your heart and soul.
Mommy and daddy are blessed to be your parents!!!!
We love you very much!

















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