Our Life


Since last night i have been uneasy just wondering about the direction of my motherland Uganda. When we look back into history, we have had alot of dictatorship,blood shed and tears with our politics.
Today there was yet another presidential election that has so far claimed lives of people trying to voice their desire to be heard, their cry for real political freedom. Citizens being treated like animals in their own country, all forms of social media shut off by “government”, journalists being told exactly what to cover and not to cover, what to say and what not to say. All this at the risk of their lives!. Sad , sad and sad indeed.
A president of 30+ years in power and now calls Uganda “his personal country, any economic resources (like oil that sits on people’s ancestral land all his. Still in fear of their lives, the people will not say otherwise. The “big man” owns it all so they believe.
Today i pray for my motherland and hope and cry that the people’s voice will be heard and respected.

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