Weekly Pay (Budget) newly posted

This week we are looking at a budget for those of you that are payed on a weekly basis.

The main difficulty with a weekly budget is spreading your large monthly bills out over several pay checks. With each check, you need to save a portion towards those bills and make sure you have enough on the due date. With no control over your spending, you will often be left putting items on a credit card even having had enough cash at the beginning of that month.
The idea of the weekly budget is to track your weekly income and spending while keeping an eye on the monthly total. This gives you the organization to set your savings and spending goals weekly in order to hit them monthly.
This budget is set up for 5 weeks so just leave the 5th check blank whenever you do not need it. When you do have a 5th check in a month, you may have your bills covered that month but don’t consider it a bonus check. Your due dates and pay periods are always moving with respect to each other so don’t over spend the 5th check because your next pay period may not align correctly with your bills.
Take a look at the budget and respond if you have any issues or questions.
Thanks and God Bless

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