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Yesterday was yet another cancer screening for me and this has become a family affair over the years. Needless to say, I love my support group to that “torture” chamber(I hate getting my blood drawn and of course the MRI machine that sets me into a panic mode). But that is not the point of this post.
I wish I could just complain about this issue for the next couple of years because i was really upset!
so let me just describe the picture for ya……..Yesterday at the hospital i normally go to for my check ups,…….as we walked down the hall way in a CANCER building……….read that right?…..CANCER BUILDING…..chances are that everyone coming to that building has some kind of cancer or is family or friend to somebody fighting cancer. But here is the whole point,……we see a booth with this lady proudly trying to sell brownies and caramel that and this to passers by.  Well, remember it’s a cancer building …….my hubby and I just looked at each other in disbelief!!!!!. Yes, disbelief!!!!!!.
So someone is trying to get better or is really sick and the best encouragement they can do is sell them more SUGAR?
Why????? was all I had left. Why not sell fresh fruit? why not sell hand woven hats to the patients that have lost their hair, why not mittens or socks to keep them warm…..why not something else that is not more poisonous to their bodies and their immune system.
Am thankful again for the good health even though my heart still aches for the sick….it’s always hard watching people whose cancer journey seems to be beginning.

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