Our Life


It’s been a very long and tiring year in our house hold even though we have tried to make the best of it. After almost 8 years of paper work i finally completed my US citizenship test that i joyfully passed….Glory to God and thanks to my hubby who patiently quizzed me a gazillion times (not knowing the answers to the American history questions himself)lol. I love you my sweet guy. So that was Monday the 1st of Dec.
Then came Tuesday the 2nd of Dec when we got to close on out very first home and am hoping the last on this earth….yea, i must say my home buying fantasies were quickly smashed to the ground after boringly looking at a couple of cookie cutter houses and dealing with very interesting sellers to say the least. But oh well, we got our beautiful home(to us) and are looking forward to tones of love, laughter and memories in it .
We feel blessed for God’s continuous provision in our lives and pray that we will continue to be thankful even in the small things in life .


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