Our Life


The gift of His salvation is reason enough for us to be thankful to God.
It has been a very long and challenging year for me as well as for us as a family. If i were to choose one word to describe it, i would probably go with “endurance”. So much has happened; deep conflict within extended family, deep searching for forgiveness and healing, long hours of working on our family business(staying up for hubby and i till 2am sometimes), buying our first home which we will be closing on on December 1st, finalizing with my citizenship…..taken us almost 8 years to get to this, watching our babies grow(kinda heart breaking but beautiful), learning to invest in true friendships, seeking to know and walk in God’s word more even with heavy tumbles of conflicts in life, accepting to live apart from “family”, and clinging more onto God’s grace.
And lastly,…….the heaviness of seeing and knowing about somebody that is going through cancer. I have caught myself so troubled because of someone somewhere suffering with cancer.
All that is “Life” that i know will come to pass but His word will live for ever. And for that we are thankful!
He loves us and takes care of us still…….
Happy thanksgiving!!!




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