Our Life


There is always something to be thankful for as long as we are alive!!. Life in its self is a gift that we should all wake up to be thankful for.
This morning i woke up feeling very thankful even after a couple of stressful weeks of dealing with the process of home buying.
It’s October and the air is so fresh outside…..yes even here in Texas!!!
Am so thankful for our babies who seem to be so loud lately(when playing)…..they are either pretending to be puppies or cats or mommy and daddy or something ….but yes they will pretend to be something and am so thankful for them still!
Am so thankful for my brown eyed handsome guy!….did i mention that i think he is the most handsome guy i have ever laid my eyes on??. Those brown eyes are so innocent but yet dangerous because they make me fall in love over and over and over…I love you my Michael and am proud to be your wife.
Friend, friends,friends;The older i get, the more i realize how precious friends are in my/our lives. Infact, friends have become family to us and we are very thankful for them.
We are very thankful for God’s provision in our lives even when we don’t get the things we want….He provides our Needs.
And many more thankfulness…..

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